Amajikoym 3 graines de collection Super Strains

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Amajikoym 3 graines de collection Super Strains


Amajikoym by Super Strains is an indomitable mountain of a plant. Be warned now, novice and commercial growers may wish to look at other strains, this is only for the connoisseur and veteran looking for a rewarding challenge. If you are skilled enough to scale this mountain then the views are amazing. It rewards those who persevere with large yields of high quality, strong product.

This strain delivers the crisp, smooth, room filling smoke that is sought after by many sativa lovers. It will induce a strong, creeping cerebral high that will not disappoint. It is perfect for those relaxed days out and about, visiting art galleries or resting in the park. The cerebral high will have you appreciating the beauty around you and discussing matters with friends long into the night. It has useful medicinal properties that can help the stressed and anxious unwind and let go for a while. Amajikoym will certainly bring out the philosopher in you and help you focus on what is important in life.

Amajikoym can become a behemoth if grown outdoors, growing up to 3x3m in dimensions. However, the fragile nature of this plant means the slightest change in environment can upset it. It needs to be grown in a stable environment with lots of care in order to thrive, making indoor cultivation favorable. If you can offer her the care she needs though she will show you her appreciation in turn. The bountiful yields of this superior quality product are not to be scoffed at.

Amajikoym is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, however she needs a very stable environment in order to grow well. Flowering times are roughly 80 days for optimal yields and you can expect a harvest in excess of 600g/m2 for your caring effort and time. She may be very high maintenance, but this fine lady is worth it.

Bloom type


Bloom Time

75-80 days


High, Smooth




Big max. 300 cm

Harvest Month

October (late)


tot wel 600gr/m2


Medium 15-20%


1, 3, 5, 10



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